Josephine had always been an avid reader and shared her father’s love of books.  And her father, having been a good businessman, had provided a comfortable life for his family with his own publishing company.  Being the eldest child, and her other siblings all well established, Josephine had inherited her parents’ estate.  Having no plans to marry, she decided to welcome boarders into her house.  But it wasn’t because she needed money.  It was because she had a heart.

All her of life, Josephine had avoided getting caught up in society, fashions and the like.  Books had given her a world of humanity and compassion that she stored up in her heart instead.  So the house became a home once more, filled with lively conversations and the playful games of children.  But most especially, it was filled with gratitude.

You see, she only took in those who couldn’t afford rent.  Widows with children, wayward women trying to make a new start and all those society shunned.  And rather than pay rent, the boarders ran a library.  They all kept busy and, because Josephine wanted to ensure everyone had a chance to explore the world, brought the world to everyone she could.  She brought them books.  Her boarders took the books onto the streets, to neglected neighborhoods and into the country.

She was criticized by many for “bringing useless riff-raff into the community”.  But, despite what they said, these words of Robert Louis Stevenson were kept alive in her heart and all around her, “So long as we love we serve; so long as we are loved by others, I would almost say that we are indispensable; and no man is useless while he has a friend.”



Now that she had graduated high school, Julie looked forward to college, protests and a career in Journalism.  She was ready to face the world and bring equality to all.  Determined to be a voice for those who suffer from injustice and an advocate for victims of discrimination.  She was going to fight to end war and corporate greed.  Peace beckoned Julie onward.  She knew that to everything there is a season and a time for every purpose.  A time for making your voice heard.  A time for being a sign of the times.  A time for teasing hair.


Farm life was all that Wayne and Laverne Polk had ever known and it was the good life they wanted their children to know, too.  As the city expanded and their neighbors sold off their land to one corporation after another, their sadness turned into anger.  Many a CEO came looking over their property and surveying their land without regard to the owners, assuming these common folks couldn’t refuse the millions they would offer them.  And to many a CEO and their entourage, a warning shot was the answer to their offer. 
Wayne and Laverne came from people of strength and determination.  Heritage and land meant more than big money and fancy living.  They weren’t going anywhere. 

Soon, the industrial city was surrounding them.  Thankfully, the offers stopped coming in because the country view proved to be an appealing feature.  But it was still tough for the Polk’s.  The greed-driven noise and traffic sometimes tempted them to loose hope in their fellow man. 

Despite that and through it all, their faith became stronger.  And not only did they stay, they flourished.  Their homegrown vegetables appealed to the health-conscience executives who were willing to pay high dollar for it.  So with this new, very profitable income, they decided to try hog farming.  Since the smell wasn’t very pleasant, they placed the numerous pens away from the house at the very edge of their property, which just happened to be next to one of the biggest corporate office buildings in the city. 

The big shots who had enjoyed the scenic countryside out their elaborate offices, were now able to enjoy the smell, too.  Try as they did to find and create ordinances to free them from the smell, the corporate executives soon found out that they were fighting a loosing battle against a mayor who couldn’t resist the farm-fresh bacon that his own pastor raised. 


The inward pleasure of imparting pleasure – that is the choicest of all.

-Nathaniel Hawthorne


Wilma and Evelyn were sisters who could never agree.  They were opposites on every opinion, every style and everything else you can imagine.  Even as children they could not agree on anything to play together.

Their parents had always tried to make peace between them, even when they became adults.  Their mother went to the greatest lengths, arranging shopping trips and having them both over for dinner.  But no plan was ever successful.  That is, until one day their parents invited them to a luncheon they were hosting for family and friends.

After lunch, their mother had an announcement to make, “We have some exciting news.  After spending our lives working this ranch in such harsh conditions, Herbert and I have decided its time for a change.  We’ve happily decided to move to Florida!”

Finally, after all these years, Wilma and Evelyn embraced and shared this mutual joy.  They planned their parent’s transportation and all moving arrangements together in complete peace and harmony.  From then on they went together to visit their parents and had the best family vacations.  Their parents spent many more wonderful years together watching their daughters learn that you can love and still not agree on everything.

Our investigation has found that a growing number of airline hostesses have been fired due to rude behavior, lewd remarks and sexual harassment to male passengers. 

Our team of investigators has linked every airline hostess fired due to behavioral complaints, directly to flights returning from Las Vegas.  The behavioral problems combined with many of these  hostesses choosing new careers in the escort and entertainment businesses are creating a challenge for airline officials. 

Officials are now considering a mandatory training program for new hostesses to prepare them for Las Vegas.  Coffee, Tea or Me is a series of talks that will be given by women who lost their congeniality in ‘Vegas’. 
Also included in the program will be a film that tells the real story of a group of airline hostesses’ life changing experiences in Las Vegas, entitled, the Holdover.     


This week on Wiener Boss
Buffy gets inspired for a wiener creation for the local high school’s French Club. 
Mr. Pippy Le Peau, the French teacher, is sure that Buffy will succeed in making a pièce de résistance for the Parisian-themed fundraising event.  “When her lips of wine whispered, ‘I will make your wiener tower’, I knew we would triumph this challenge!  And with her graceful movements, the lovely Buffy will place the wieners just so…and it will be a beautiful work of art!” 
The club will use the money from the event to take a trip to the City of Love. 


“Rod…you cad!  I know where your perverted mind is…you just want to get your hands in my wires! Respect my switches and keep your disgusting hands in your own zone!”


Rose Peabody went to work in the advertising business.  She was a human billboard for the Phillips Spoon Company.  Her lovely display of their spoons had brought in a very profitable amount of new business for the company.  So to thank Miss Peabody properly, Mr. Horace Phillips had a party in her honor.  It was at this grand affair that Mr. Phillips fell in love with his honored guest, Miss Peabody. 

After a proper and very happy courtship, the two were married.  They shared a passionate love throughout their lives, spooning away their nights!  They joyfully welcomed many little ones from their love, each one born with a silver spoon in their mouths because of the brilliant advertising of Mrs. Phillips.


Phyllis and Juanita had been best friends since they were little girls.  They had always done everything together.  They got married at the same ceremony and both married country-western performers.  They dressed their kids alike, they both drove Cadillacs and they lived on adjoining ranches.  And there was a special time that they set aside that had kept happiness in their friendship.  One day every week they went shopping and had their hair done the same way.  That is, until Juanita had gone to the beauty parlor without Phyllis.  It wasn’t missing out on the gossip, or not having matching nail color…it wasn’t that they didn’t get to gawk over the tabloid magazines together that hurt Phyllis so much.  It was something that went much deeper than those things.  It was that the sharing had ended so abruptly when Juanita not only had gone blonde, but that she now had bigger hair than Phyllis.  Nothing would ever be the same between them.